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Ceramic Fillings

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A ceramic (tooth colored) filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, etc.  The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and then filled with a ceramic filling.

Mercury amalgam fillings are not used at our office. If for reasons of decay or fracture mercury amalgam fillings are removed, our office takes safety precautions to reduce the amount of mercury released. The office holds a SMART  (safe mercury amalgam removal technique) certification with the International academy of oral medicine and toxicology (IAOMT)

There are many types of filling materials available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Although composite (plastic) fillings are the most commonly used fillings today. At Nebula Dental Clinic an all ceramic inject-able and BPA free filling is used. For more details visit:

For larger fillings the CEREC CAD/CAM machine is typically used to produce Ceramic inlays, onlays or crowns.

Reasons for ceramic fillings:

  • Chipped teeth.
  • Closing space between two teeth.
  • Cracked or broken teeth.
  • Decayed teeth.
  • Worn teeth.
How are ceramic fillings placed?
Ceramic fillings are usually placed in one appointment.  While the tooth is numb, your dentist will remove decay as necessary.  The space will then be thoroughly cleaned and carefully prepared before the new filling is placed.  If the decay was near the nerve of the tooth, a special medication will be applied for added protection.  The ceramic filling will then be precisely placed, shaped, and polished, restoring your tooth to its original shape and function.

It is normal to experience sensitivity to hot and cold when ceramic fillings are first placed, however this will subside in 6-8 weeks after your tooth acclimates to the new filling.

You will be given care instructions at the conclusion of your treatment.  Good oral hygiene practices, eating habits, and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new fillings.