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Cosmetic Dentistry in South Edmonton

We Offer A Wide Range Of Cosmetic Dentistry Services For Everyone

Our teeth provide functional utility, keeping our jaw bones healthy and contributing to nutrition and digestion. The better we take care of our teeth, the healthier they are likely to be. Teeth also have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and how others view us – because our mouths are prominently central to the face.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry products and technologies mean that many of our clients are exploring how they can improve their smiles for the first time. Whether you have concerns over tooth alignment, shade or appearance, the professionals at Nebula can help improve your smile!

Invisalign Treatments

Many of our patients express the desire to straighten their teeth, but until recently, the discomfort and poor aesthetic of metal braces have prevented many from achieving their desired goal. With Invisalign, more patients than ever are experiencing a transformation in the way their smile looks and feels. Invisalign orthodontic aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth with virtual invisibility.

Your teeth are encouraged to shift in increments every few weeks when you change your aligners to the next stage of their alignment process. Typically, between 20 and 30 aligners are required to complete the straightening process. Patients are encouraged to wear the aligners full-time, removing them only when eating or cleaning. Ask us if Invisalign could be the answer for you!

Teeth Whitening

If you’re curious about teeth whitening, come down for a patient exam and cleaning and be treated to a complimentary gentle teeth whitening service. Professional teeth whitening involves the process of using a peroxide product to access the inner layers of your frontmost teeth. Peroxide enters the tooth through tiny channels in the enamel on the surface of the teeth.

Beneath the enamel lies the dentin of the tooth, which is typically darker than the semi-transparent enamel. As dentin is acted upon by the peroxide, sensitivity in the teeth can result. Not to worry – the team at Nebula has you covered! Our gentle whitening uses a low-strength formula, complimented by the addition of desensitizers to reduce the severity and likelihood of discomfort.

Same Day Crowns

Crowns are an effective way to protect a damaged or compromised tooth by offering full support of the tooth to the gum line. Teeth that have become discoloured due to a root canal or that are visibly decayed are esthetically improved by the placement of a crown that caps the entire tooth in a restorative ceramic material.

While the traditional process of placing a custom-made crown requires multiple appointments on separate days, Nebula Dental Clinic designs, prepares, and places your ceramic crown on the same day. Our CEREC scanner produces a digital representation of your natural tooth before the CEREC MXCL milling unit mills a ceramic crown to the tone and likeness of your natural tooth! New ceramic materials such as Zirconia offer great strength and longevity while reducing the risk of your tooth having fractures.


Veneers provide a similar visual effect to crowns; however, veneers do not protect and cover the entirety of the exposed tooth. Rather, veneers are custom-made restorations cemented onto the tooth’s outer presentation. Your teeth are prepared for the application of veneer(s) by one-half millimetre of etching of the outer enamel before being cemented into place using a dual-cure resin. Veneers can be applied to as many teeth as desired and can offer the illusion of a straight white smile.

At Nebula, we understand the impact that a beautiful smile can have on our confidence and quality of life

Whether you have small concerns about a tooth’s presentation or more general concerns about your teeth’s overall alignment and appearance, we are here to answer your questions. We partner with you to improve your smile efficiently, effectively and with a mind for consideration and support of your overall well-being.