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General Dentistry in South Edmonton

Nebula Dental provides competent care to all age ranges

Before starting a family, thinking about choosing a family-friendly dental practice was likely far from your mind. Years later, with more mouths to feed and more teeth to maintain, your interest in family dentistry may be increasing. Here’s what you need to know about family-focused dentistry and how it can benefit all of the important mouths in your household.

General dentists can provide competent care to all age ranges of patients, from the very young to the elderly. Children’s dental needs vary drastically from those of a geriatric patient, and our dentist is skilled at supporting oral health needs for all demographics.

Feel Comfortable, Minimize Anxiety

When your precious children visit the dentist, you want to ensure that they are treated in such a way that they won’t mind returning. Child-focused dentists enjoy working with children, and it shows in their practice! A welcoming atmosphere complete with a friendly dentist who takes their time to ensure children feel comfortable, minimizes the potential for anxiety or fear on the part of the child.

A low-stress environment

Our office takes steps to offer a low-stress environment for both parents and their children during their visits. We are equipped with high-definition televisions and headphones to entertain children while they wait for their appointment to begin —  or to offer a fun distraction while they are in the dental chair.

Limit X-ray exposure

Our new digital x-ray panoramic machine means that your children do not have to contend with uncomfortable bitewings in the mouth to capture the important images we need to understand and predict any issues below the gum line. Our digital pan X-ray machine offers comfort to small mouths as well as provides the ability to limit X-ray exposure to less than the adult range.

We’ll give you a reason to smile

We’re accepting new patients and look forward to serving you, so please give us a call or request an appointment online; see you soon!